The Fourth Estate Alliance
works for journalistic independence

Today’s journalists face an uphill battle to deliver strong, independent news.

Plummeting profits for news outlets have meant there are increasingly few staff jobs and a large part of the journalism community are working zero-hour contracts to survive in their chosen profession.

Journalists, photographers and videographers find themselves constantly required to produce more output in less time while using questionable tactics to engage audiences that are becoming increasingly attracted to viral click-bait and false, misleading and biased content dressed up as news.

Such false news, combined with embedded native advertising and product placement, means journalists must also deliver their news to an audience growing in apathy and increasingly distrustful.

The Fourth Estate Alliance is social enterprise dedicated to helping independent, professional journalists succeed in this increasingly difficult environment to continue to produce strong, independent and accurate news, and restore faith in the news media.

The alliance works to empower the independent journalism community and rebuild global respect for the industry.

The Fourth Estate Alliance believes the world benefits greatly from a strong fourth estate and this can only be achieved if independent journalists are as equally empowered as those with staff positions in major commercial or state-sponsored newsrooms.

At the heart of this is the cloud-based T4 Hub software service. This suite of powerful modules enables independent journalists to group together in virtual teams, creating global newsrooms where logical systems make for easy handling of stories, pictures and videos through processes to ensure quality and accuracy.

The service manages special orders, distribution, tracking of published work, and invoicing so users can concentrate on just producing great journalism. And by supplying business intelligence and data analytics, users are able to adjust their business model to build a viable income stream while publishers can tailor their requirements to get the content they want.

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T4 Hub allows independent journalists to concentrate on the important task of producing quality news

Manages editorial news flows

  • T4 Hub enables journalist groups to benefit from modern news production processes normally reserved for large national newsrooms. Integrated tracking maintains real time prioritisation.
  • An intelligent dashboard supplies team performance overviews as well as productivity and income statistics for individual users and teams. Analytic modelling reveals the most profitable business areas.
  • Data on news organisations are kept to assist users and warn of potential fake or doubtful news.

Builds virtual newsrooms

  • T4 Hub allows groups of journalists to work together regardless of geographic location.
  • Internal security ensures confidentiality and an internal messaging system enables completely private communication between members of the team.
  • Teams can bring in freelancers on a commission basis, automatically tracking payments and sharing royalties.
  • An XML content feed can be used for self-publishing content on privately-managed websites.

Delivers output globally

  • T4 Hub manages a global list of paying clients that can be sent news, features, pictures and videos direct from the system. The client list is updated constantly to reflect the dynamic nature of news outlets.
  • A sophisticated news management algorithm can be used for categorising output and distributing it where it is best matched, and most likely to be picked up. An automatically-created daily list of new items can be sent to publishers as often as desired, alerting them of new material.

Brings in the money

  • T4 Hub automatically monitors global publications and creates invoices when team output is used. Reminders for non-payments and partial payments are automated.
  • Essential usage data is compiled into useful analytics to identify the best markets and problematic publishers.
  • Legal records of all items are securely stored along with time codes for use in copyright claims. Unequivocal evidence is then available for prosecution or defence cases.

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